Welcome to my official website!

Hope you will feel at home here with us. 
If you lost the sense of you”true self” a long the way, at least I am happy you found us, Barbara Brazilian Clothes! We take care of our women like family. We want to meet your needs at every level we can with our clothes. Let’s help each other grow as the beautiful women we are!

My name is Barbara Cerqueira and I am an entrepreneur but also a full time mom. 
The way I see is you got to find time to make it happen whatever sets your soul on fire, make your dreams come true whatever they are! 
I found my passion through fashion, and when I found myself again I knew I wanted to help other women like me. But how could I make that happen?!

I realised I needed to help myself first! 
So, I decided to dedicate a lot of my personal time building my own business where I could work at home with 3 kids and at the same time be helping women through fashion, finding their own spark again. To make them feel like the stars they are! 
So here you will find comfort and quality in the clothes you wear.

Quality over quantity, has been my main focus as a young professional. I studied a variety of fabrics and collected some opinions of my costumers . I find important to listen to you and will always try to look for the best and creative clothes in the Brazilian market!


Why Brazil? 
I am Brazilian but also a world traveler and being around many cultures here in London I understand the importance of quality.

After some research my preference is Brazilian Clothes because they enhance your natural curves, the material of the jeans is our top selling product. With the new Brazilian trend “lift-bum”.

Our tops, are also our best selling, the fabric is beautiful, always made thinking about the comfort of your breast with the perfect bra application (non-wire).

Our dresses are uniquely designed, with fresh colours from dark to light, you choose which occasion it matches, or we help you finding the one. 
Some of our rare pieces have handmade jewels applications! 

HERE at BARBARA BRAZILIAN CLOTHES we expose our secret, the love we put in our work!

I hope you find where you belong, if you did not get there yet at least I am happy you found us!

Kind Regards,

yours sincerely, Barbara 💕